Fruite-10 Soft Candy Mix Fruit Flavor

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Fruity Flavor and Zip lock Packaging round colorful Soft candy from Thailand with 10% Fruit.

The best seller products our corporation offer is the Fruite-10 Mix Fruit soft candy. Fruite-10 made from 10% fruit, We select only the best quality fruit flesh to make softy, chewy and gummy why It was so delicious and you was not easy to stop at one.

Brand Fruite-10

Soft Candy

Packaging A designed aluminium foil with laminated with zip locked bag

* 10% Natural Fruits pulp

* Product test :  Sweet

* Chewy without gelatin

* 12 months product shelf life without adding preservative substance .

* Soft candy shine with glucose syrup . Give multi texture of candy with crisp on first bite.

* We only one factory who preserve fruits in form soft candy in Thailand

* Product s are Halal . Received the Certification Halal by Central Halal institution

* Factory received GMP ,HACCP certificate

* Zip lock package made convenience consumer consumption.

* Product net weight  25g per pack

* This product is best seller in Thailand . Distribution  best selling in Modern distribution channel.